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  •   Jayalakshmi R S
  •   Krishna T M
  •   Latha R
  •   Leelavathy G
  •   Madhumohan, Komaragiri
  •   Margaret Bastin
  •   Nandhini M
  •   Nandini Sharma Anand
  •   Narayanaswami, P. P.
  •   Okazaki Yasuhiro
  •   Premalatha V
  •   Priyashri V Rao
  •   Ramanathan N
  •   Richard Widdess
  •   Ritha Rajan
  •   Rowell, Lewis E
  •   Sathyanarayana R
  •   Scanner
  •   Seetha S
  •   Shekar Raghavan
  •   Shyamala Kannan Nair
  •   Subramanian M
  •   Subroto Roy
  •   Suguna Varadachari
  •   Veerapandian S.A.
  •   Vidya Jayaraman
  •   Vijayakumar , Alathoor
  •   Vijayalakshmi N


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    Since the last update reported on 14-April-2016, following articles have been added.       

    Hema Ramanathan & Ramanathan N

    Etymological Definitions and Technical Definitions of Musical Terms

    This paper takes up some important technical terms in the discipline of Music, and examines the burden of sense they have acquired over the years. The terms  taken up for study are 'sruti', 'nada', 'svara' and 'raga'.

    John Clough, Jack Douthett, N.Ramanathan,  and Lewis Rowell

    Early Indian Hepatatonic Scales and Recent Diatonic Theory

    The article describes and evaluates an application of recent diatonic theory to one of the most intractable problems in music history: How and why have large numbers of unrelated musical cultures selected similar heptatonic scales as their basic melodic sources, and what similar features of "diatonicism" do these scales exhibit?

    Ramanathan N & Priyashri V Rao

    Malavika's Dance in Malavikagnimitram of Kalidasa


    A study of the aspects of words, music and movement in the dance of Malavika figuring in the second act of Kalidasa's play, Malavikagnimitram.



    Ramanathan N

    Karnataka and Hindustani Music

    The article argues against the existing theory that Hindustani and Karnataka systems are outcome of a bifurcation of single 'Indian Music system' in the 13th century.

    Ramanathan N

    Emendations to the GOS text of Natyasastra-vol4

    Emendations to the text of Natyasastra and the Abhinavabharati commentary, vol.4, Oriental Institute, Baroda, 1964, relating to chapters 28 to 34, and published as Appendix VI, to the revised edition of 2006.

    Ramanathan N

    Types of Purvaranga

    Account of Purvaranga is found not only in the 5th chapter of Natyasastra but also in the other chapters like, the 4th and the 31st , with the format varying too. The article suggests the possiblity of these presentations existing as entertainment formats outside Natya too.

    Ramanathan N

    Interview with Vina Vidvan S Balachander

    Audio recording of an Interview of Vina Vidvan S Balachander conducted in the studio of All India Radio and broadcast on 13 March 1990.

    Ramanathan N

    Musicology in India

    A general account of the historical development of Musicology in India and its present state.

    Ramanathan N

    Commentaries in the Samskrta Textual Tradition in Music

    Commentaries on Texts are written by scholars to explain and/ or elaborated certain concepts and to relate them to the contemporary period. Sometimes authors themselves write a commentary to their own text. The article makes a brief study of this tradition.

    Ramanathan N

    Sadaragacandrodaya of Pandarikavitthala

    Along with giving an account of the contents of the work, the paper will try to explain the need for the author to write two more works on the subject of Raga, namely, Ragamanjari and Ragamala, the latter also forming a part of his another work, Nartananirnaya.

    Ramanathan N

    Music Texts: Sastra and Sastra-Sampradaya

    The article discusses the tradition of Texts (Laksanagrantha) in Music and related arts in history and goes into the various academic aspect of texts, such as authorship, date, subject areas, edition and translation.

    Ramanathan N

    Lalgudi Jayaraman's Music- Guided Listening Sessions

    Text and Video of the two sessions of Guided Listening to Lalgudi Jayaraman's Music organised by the Music Forum, Chennai in 2014. Youtube Video link furnished at the beginning of each file.

    Ramanathan N

    Lakṣya and Lakṣaṇa in Music

    An attempt to present the meaning of a few technical terms as reflected n the writings of earlier period and relate them to the contemporary performance, on the background of their present day usage.

    Ramanathan N

    The Changing Concept of Tala in North India

    A study of the concept of Tāla in Hindustani music on the background of the tāla systems that  existed prior to the emergence of the 'North Indian' and 'South Indian' systems of music, and also the distinction from the tāla system in present day South Indian music.

    Ramanathan N

    Tala-s in Hindustani Music

    An analytical study of the Tala-s used in Hindustani music, both in the Dhrupada and Khyala genres.


    N. Ramanathan