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    last updated:Apr-02-2016
    An inquiry into music manuscripts in GOML Chennai
    This article is the outcome of a research project undertaken to survey the music manuscript collecti

    last updated:Sep-16-2008
    Association of Rasa and Kala with Raga-s
    Enjoyment of the feelings transpiring in human relationships and the time of performance have been a

    last updated:Apr-02-2016
    Contribution of MR Kavi to manuscript studies
    This paper deals with the contribution of Manavalli Ramakrishna Kavi (a scholar in Samskṛta an

    last updated:Oct-02-2008
    Ghana, Naya and Desya Raga-s
    This classification of Raga-s was based mainly on their melodic texture, with ˜desya' referring to

    last updated:Sep-16-2008
    Grama, Murchana and Jati (Eng & Tam)
    This is a write up on the musical concepts, Grama, Murchana and Jati, in the Gandharva system of Ma

    last updated:Sep-16-2008
    Information on Music in Manuscripts
    This document has compiled information relating to music and dance from Mansucripts preserved at the

    last updated:May-17-2011
    Journal Music Academy - Articles & Keywords Index
    This is a database of the articles and other features in the Journal of Music Academy, Madras. This

    last updated:Mar-29-2016
    Manuscripts of Saṅgītaratnākara
    This article is primarily a compilation of manuscripts of Saṅgītaratnākara and its c

    last updated:Sep-16-2008
    Marga and Desi Ragas (Eng & Tam)
    Raga-s are first mentioned in the Texts of Desi tradition although the Raga-s are said to have beed

    last updated:Jun-15-2010
    Margadarsi Seshayyangar's Compositions
    As the title inside reveals, this is a reassessment of the compositions of Margadarsi Seshayyangar,

    last updated:Apr-02-2016
    Patterns in Tanam Passages
    The paper focuses on examining various patterns of svara phrases in Tānam notatons of books pub

    last updated:Sep-16-2008
    Ragadhayana and Raga-Ragini
    Deification of Raga-s and contemplation on them is a tradition that evolved in late first millenium

    last updated:Oct-02-2008
    Suddha, Chayalaga and Sankirna Raga-s (Eng & Tam)
    This is a system of classification described in ˜Aumapatam' a text which points to a very different

    last updated:Sep-16-2008
    Suddha-Vikrta-Svaras (Eng & Tam)
    This write up traces the history of the tonal system that is vogue today. Both English and Tamizh ve

    last updated:Sep-16-2008
    Suryamsa, Chandramamsa and Madhyahna Raga-s
    Raga-s were assigned different parts of the day during which they should be sing. The write up, in E

    last updated:Apr-02-2016
    Tālakalābdhi of Acyutarāya
    This paper is an investigation into the discovery of two palm leaf manuscripts from the Libraries of

    last updated:Apr-02-2016
    Unpublished Caturdaṇḍī notations
    This article deals with research findings on unpublished notations of Caturdaṇḍī fo

    last updated:Sep-16-2008
    Uttama, Madhyama and Adhama Raga-s
    Classification of Raga-s into Superior, Middling and Inferior Raga-s is mentioned in texts atarting